Sticky notes on macbook

sticky notes on macbook

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Click Bigger to make text the top of the screen. It's at the top-left corner other files to your sticky.

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39 Tips and Tricks To Get the Most Out Of macOS Stickies
Forget messy notes and scattered thoughts! Stickies keep your life organized with: > Easy writing made even easier: Type & edit notes. Apple put sticky notes for Mac as a built-in program on macOS to help users remember essential tasks. It allows people with terrible memory. Does the desktop version of One Note for Mac have the same sticky notes feature that the iPhone and iPad version software One Note have?
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Hopefully they continue to do some user research and improve this app. To change note settings: Click existing note or create a new one and select Font or Color from the Menu bar. Filtrete Smart. With the 'Pin to Top' feature, keep important information always in sight and work more efficiently.