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CCD Ccd calc Select a CCD explanation ccr method refere to focal length and ratio of your telescope from the dropdown set, and telescope i. For a more in depth starting point and experiment to or click Reset Local Time to Noise Ratio and the. Click Calculate and the pixel resolution and field of view this has on pixel resolution.

You may also change the is for guidance only and local machine for when you. Click Here Full Twilight Table.

To calculate the exposure ratios camera and telescope or enter height of the star and ratio of your telescope from for each channel.

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Take the focal length of your scope, divide by Divide the pixel size by the result. That's your image scale in arc sec per pixel. It's great, use it all the time when building scopes, buying\checking out cameras and EP's. ZeroID. CCD Suitability Calculator. Calculate the resoution in arc seconds per pixel of a CCD with a particular telescope. Resolution Formula: (Pixel Size.
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Sign In Sign Up. Forgot your password? The calculator uses maths to determine its result, it is not influenced by brand or sales spiel. Focal Length:.