fear of car accident essay pt3

and she also is e love to cooking when she have a free side that, my mother also is a very strict mother. However, for about 4 months after the accident, I would be in severe pain after driving for more than 30 econs model essay minutes. Driving licenses are given on illegal gratifications to the authorities and traffic rules and regulations are thrown to the winds.

I respond by saying, I never want to drive again. He touched and encouraged them, and let Luka steal the Fire of Life. Such accidents happen often as the result of carelessness of the drivers and their negligence of the traffic rules. The wounded man was removed to a nearby hospital.

Drug-abuse and addiction by drivers is another major cause of accidents. It was being driven rashly. Every time I exercised my back would start hurting so I had to stop. One of the reasons why strategic planning is going to be here to stay I because its good management, and the most cost effective or efficient way to do the work will be done and the rational model is depicted. Consequently, there are accidents, serious injuries and deaths all around. Be prepared for the tall grasses like that of Talamitam, Sembrano Kalisungan. He works on his own business. The multiplicity of authorities and utter lack of coordination among them is another great source of worry. Last, my younger sister name Anis Faraatira Binti Ramlan.She is 9 years old and studies at SK Datuk Keramat e love to be e is smart and intelligent e love to read story book. My beloved mother, that is Norhayati Binti Abu Hassan. The condition of the vehicles is hardly found road-worthy. It is a moment I will never forget.

Emotionally, I have a lot of fear while driving. His is 45 year olds and he love to jogging at the park to release tension.