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a balance between the birth rate and the death rate of human beings, the advancement in medical science has created an imbalance in the same. The developing countries are struggling hard to reach up to the level of the developed countries and the rapid growth in the population in these countries is one of the main hindrances in this direction. The government emphasizes the benefits of smaller families and the use of contraception. Growing opposition to the narrow population control focus led to a significant change in population control policies in the early 1990s In the 20th century, population control proponents have drawn from the insights of Thomas Malthus, a British clergyman and economist who published An Essay. It projects that almost all growth will take place in the less developed regions, where today's.3 billion population of underdeveloped countries is expected to increase.8 billion in 2050. Malthus argued that "Population, when unchecked, increases in a geometrical ratio. However, the policy has come under criticism as its implementation involved forced abortions and forced sterilization. As is the case with almost every developing country, there are several reasons that contribute to the increase in population in India. The north of the country is almost not inhabited and the majority of population concentrates in the e biggest majority of Brazils population belong to the Christian religion and almost all of them are Catholics.

Ehrlich continued to advocate for population control and co-authored the book The Population Explosion released in 1990 with his wife Anne Ehrlich. One of the main reasons for this is the development in the field of medical science that has brought down the death rate. Overpopulation is like a big magnifying glass making little problems into big ones.

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It also depends on the way resources are used and distributed throughout the population. Population Essay 4 (500 words introduction. While the human beings are equipped to adapt to such situations, animals cannot withstand the same. In fact, it is the only country where mandatory contraceptive courses are required for both males and females before a marriage license can be obtained. More and more natural resources are being used to meet the demands of the people. Such subjective evaluation of the national health is a very impressive and very important. The rapid increase in human population over the course of the 20th century has raised concerns about the Earth's ability to sustain a large number of inhabitants. The second billion was added in the 1930s, the next billion in the 1960s. Natural resources are being depleted at a rapid pace because of greater number of people using them. There are several factors that have led to population explosion in various parts of the world over the last few decades.

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