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whereas it is in a large rise in non-Western nations. The next World War, if there is one, will be a war between civilizations, Huntington concludes. America, herself, is adjusting successfully, though painstakingly, to a culture-scape impossible to categorize, as people representing even the most obscure cultures pitch their dreams in the Land of Opportunity. Islamic and Sinic civilizations differ fundamentally in terms of religion, culture, social structure, traditions, politics, and basic assumptions at the root of their way of life. Greenway has termed the kin-country syndrome, is replacing political ideology and traditional balance of power considerations as the principal basis for cooperation and coalitions. The third paradigm is 184 States, More or Less. Huntingtons The Clash of Civilizations suggests that world politics is entering a new phase.

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Basically, having achieved political independence, non-Western societies wish to free themselves from Western short essay about family planning economic, military, and cultural domination. Arabs are also known to be more defensive and easily angered by certain remarks about their religious beliefs. But Huntington makes a strong case for inter-civilizational strife, as he cites numerous examples from the Balkans to the Gulf War. On the northern border of Islam, conflict has increasingly erupted between Orthodox and Muslim peoples; including the carnage of Bosnia and Sarajevo, and the violence between Serbs and Albanians. An image of universal and uniform anarchy provides few clues for understanding the world.