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are no standards for it nor are there any. S quest for self-discovery in the end. Philosopher, Jean Baudrillard developed the theory and elaborated on it in his essay, simulacra and Simulations. Furthermore, Hyperreality is a representation of the postmodern period. The body of this essay is constructed with theories followed by the explanation and example. S witnessing the play is comparable to our apprehending of the novel.?While a battle rages in the streets outside the palace, Pasquale is locked up in his patrician hothouse, holding an orgy? Re like the Puritans about the Bible. Published before the Standard Model of Elementary Particles, the authors work is a direct representation of the newly accepted uncertainty in pre-quantum physics that dominated scientific discourse at the time.

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Hyperreality is symbolic of the white essay richard dyer postmodern period. S fictional system, which is constantly expanding to include more and more aspects of contemporary America. Pynchon demonstrates, through characters and specific elements, the futility and frustration of attaching meaning to language and communication. S self-discovery then leads to our own self-discovery. The Crying of Lot. Drugs, sexual expression, and infidelity are evident throughout the book.

This leads to the next uniting factor, paranoia. Pynchon involves his audience in that they also have to interpret countless symbols and metaphors to arrive at a meaning. Is a metaphor of the reader? In this sense, we can say that Pierce Inverarity is the conspirator behind all events in the novel. During this period, the world witnessed the assassination. Information which strains to reveal Everything might well succeed only in conveying nothing, becoming practically indistinguishable from t there is noise, and Noise. Oedipa Mass also evokes the reader to think of Newtons laws, where Oedipa is acted upon by the gravity of her surroundings. One aspect that unites Oedipa and the audience is the state of paranoia.