deployable architecture thesis

this way, this thesis seeks to align with the contentions of Peter Zumthor in Thinking Architecture, as he suggests that: Architecture is always concrete matter. Further, architecture must negotiate the contrasts between ephemerality and permanence. Music needs to be performed. Initial research will display a range of impactful mobile units with a particular focus on extracting materiality and fabrication methods. Taking cultural values from the yurt type and others, Buckminster Fullers Dymaxion Deployment Unit later expanded those potentials to regularize fabrication and respond to social demand. Description/Abstract, deployable homes have characterized the survivalist origins of our species, the lifestyles of disenfranchised populations, and the luxurious retreats of others.

(PDF) Deployable Structures for Architectural Applications-A Short Deployable Domesticity by Daniel Hopkins 30 best Deployable Structure images on Pinterest in 2018

A plan, a project drawn on paper is not architecture but merely a more or less inadequate representation of architecture, comparable to sheet music. Ultimately, these factors will guide the unit design which aims to provide a mobile architecture that conveys humane qualities equal to, or greater than, any stationary architecture. Recommended Citation, hopkins, Daniel, "Deployable Domesticity" (2016). Still, a predominance of contemporary domestic space relies on the permanently stationary and situated object. Adding to this will be a clarification of what elements constitute human domestic space. Consequently, the resulting unit will allow a reconstitution of material after the life of the unit has been exceeded. Traditional Mongolian Yurts (gers) over time developed one of the most efficient and influential deployable units. Traditionally the deployable unit has taken many forms of distribution and fabrication. Through speculation of the social and sustainable implications of the deployable unit, issues of flexibility, material selection and afterlife, economics, ecology, and efficiency must all be critically considered. As the social and ecological conditions of our society are rapidly and continually fluctuating, we must reaffirm our association with deployable culture and expand the utilization of mobile and adaptable unit. Despite the potential necessity for wide-spread application, this thesis aims to deploy the mobile unit specifically refugee dwelling units to improve current conditions. These particular issues raise necessary concerns of domesticity, democracy, and human values.

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deployable architecture thesis

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