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help, children, or spouses. The results of this study and others have implications for professionals working with individuals who need help in dealing with the role expectations and realities they face as they juggle their roles in a dual-career lifestyle. Challenges To Be Faced, the dual-career lifestyle has created a unique set of challenges, many of which relate to socialization and role expectations, work role conflicts, and family role conflicts. I tapped away on my phone at breakneck speed. Make sure that they can reach you anytime if there is a problem. Utilities and food costs could run a bit higher because more people are in the home more often than families where both parents work. What Is Dual-Career Lifestyle?

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For many of the tasks described, the husband and wife accepted joint responsibility, but the wife usually and the husband occasionally actually performed these tasks. I ran back essay on how to prevent sports injuries into the house. The percentage of stay at home parents has been dwindling since wwii when women started entering the job force at a rapid rate. Ten years ago the barrier was in the workplace with its discriminatory employment and advancement practices; now the bottleneck is in the home, necessitating a redistribution of responsibility for domestic work. Families with two working parents are more common today than in years past. I believe that women should have the choice, and I envy women who seem to be able to juggle it all career, family and looking gorgeous at the same time. You have probably heard stories of women packing their bags and leaving their husbands saying they didnt marry the house. I feel happy, stable and strong because I took control of the problem in my life. After all, without the job the family suffers financially, they claim. The wife, in most cases, in spite of her equally demanding job and relatively comparable salary, still carried the load at home. Treat each other as very good friends. Even if a man has the skills, he may perceive that devoting a great deal of time and emotional energy to domestic activities may negatively affect his career, particularly if he's competing with other men who don't have similar family roles.