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It is savaged civil war essay by the Edinburgh Review. Lawrence, Robert Lowell, Edna. 1428 The Council of Constance orders Wycliffe's bones to be dug up, burned, then "chucked into the river Swift." 1429 Joan of Arc, a French peasant girl, begins her campaign to drive the English from France, with considerable success. 709 Stephen of Ripon authors Vita Sancti Wilfrithi Life of Saint Wilfrid. He would be an important translator of the Bible into English. James Boswell begins working on his famous biography on the life of Samuel Johnson. 1988 Howard Nemerov is appointed Poet Laureate to the Library of Congress for the second time. Ricky Nelson's "Poor Little Fool" is the first.

1765 Oliver Goldsmith publishes his Essays and the novel The Vicar of Wakefield. 1585 James VI of Scotland writes Essays of a Prentice in the Arte of Poesie, citing the poems of Alexander Montgomerie. 43 Claudius invades England and Roman rule is established. John's College to study law. 1530 The short lyric Westron Wynde Western Wind appears in a partbook. Stephen Crane, an American poet, is born. "Focusing on the poems of Wordsworth's 'Great Decade feminist critics have tended to see Wordsworth as an exploiter of women and 'feminine' perspectives. 1517 Martin Luther, a professor of moral theology at Wittenberg, publishes his 95 theses against the Roman Catholic Church, kick-starting the Protestant Reformation, which would have tremendous implications for England.

William Wordsworth
Ode: Intimations of Immortality, wikipedia

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