role of educational leaders in universalising education essay

and upholding the law. This is also done through curriculum that is through lessons in history literature etc. For each subject studied the child is compared with the companies by percentage of marks or rankings. The authors acknowledge that further study will reveal more about what is needed to identify specific leadership practices that lead to the achievement of these goals. Group book studies, lesson study in critical friends' groups, professional development sessions at conferences, or visits to high-performing schools all provide intellectual stimulation. Educational system has this economic as well as political significance. The school instills co-operative values through civic and patriotic exhortation or advice. The authors emphasize that "having such goals helps people make sense of their work and enables them to find a sense of identity for themselves within their work context" (p.

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Role of educational leaders in universalising education essay
role of educational leaders in universalising education essay

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A more productive strategy, they contend, is dyaspora essay by joanne hyppolite pdf to examine the following three sets of practices that make up the basic core of successful leadership: Setting direction. It consists of three sets of leadership dimensionsdefining the school's mission, managing the instructional program, and promoting a positive learning climatewithin which 10 specific leadership practices are delineated (Leithwood, Seashore Louis, Anderson, Wahlstrom, 2004). Now, the people fell that it is the schools business to train the whole child even to the extent of teaching him honesty, fair play, consideration for others and a sense of right and wrong. Having examined a host of factors that contribute to what students learn at school, the authors conclude that the contribution of leadership is second in strength only to classroom instruction. This social heritage (culture) must be transmitted through social organisations. This is four.S.A.,.S.S.R., Japan, Germany and some other societies. That builds community and the spirit around it Center for Collaborative Education, 2003). To complete the socialization process. Reformation of Attitudes : Education aims at the reformation of attitudes wrongly developed by children already.

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