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toe had deteriorated away pained at irregular intervals. 19 percent) and were less able to rise from a chair without assistance (43 percent. Chinese men associated bound feet with higher-status love and sex, using them in foreplay (Levy, 2). Mother rebound my feet weekly, each time more tightly than the last. If a woman s feet were properly bound to the desirable size of three inches, then the woman could only walk short distances and even that required assistance. It began with the emperor Li Yu of the T ang Dynasty who, acting on his fetish for small feet, instructed his favorite concubine, Lovely Maiden, to bind her feet in silk cloth in order to make the tips of them look like a crescent. Chinese Footbinding, in addressing the subject of footbinding, one primary difficulty becomes apparent - that much remains within the realm of the unknowable. I was born in a certain district in western Hunan Province, at the end of the Manchu dynasty. After half a year, the tightly bound toes began to uniformly face the plantar. Sharpe, Inc., New York, 1992.

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Various ingredients were added such as ground almonds, mulberry root, and other roots and herbs, thought to have helped in the softening of the skin in order to allow for a better binding. This book, like Thomas Chinn s Bridging the Pacific: San Francisco Chinatown and Its People, talked about the Chinese immigrants who lived in San Francisco with bound feet. A favorite delight was to eat almonds from between her crushed toes. Except for walking, I sat by the kang (bath). They found 38 percent of women in the 80s age group and 18 percent of those in the 70s age group had bound foot deformities. Still, foot binding persisted within traditional families residing in rural areas (Mo-ch n). Footbinding is a very bold issue that many Chinese do not like to talk about.

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