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green money. Water would be a central part of any permaculture system, with water sheds re-afforested and ponds dug to collect rainwater across the landscape, thus slowing the rain's descent through the land and allowing it to infiltrate the soil slowly and recharge ground-water supplies. Cannibalistic values in this sense are associated with a tendency to over-consume, to be too greedy. A replacement of machinery with people is important to the way in which we farm. Permaculture ultimately transgresses a debate between an anthropocentric or biocentric view of nature, as it adopts a non-dualistic view of humans and nature, where there is no division between people and nature, such that nature does not become a space hypostatised as 'other' and not. Part of this process involves rethinking what it is we need, and realizing that it is important that the materials we surround ourselves with are beautiful and have a sense of quality. This could be seen as investment to create employment. And cultivation is at the root of the sense both of culture and of cult. Hardin Tibbs has described industrial ecology as a shift in industrial patterns which "takes the pattern of the natural environment as a model for solving environmental problems, creating a new paradigm for the industrial system,.which involves designing industrial infrastructures as if they were a series. Many 'weeds' are edible, you may find some surprising resources which suggests future directions, including potential medicinal plants, craft or construction products, as well as unusual food potential.

Scholarships The University is role of education in nation building essay dedicated to supporting ambitious and outstanding students and we offer a variety of scholarships to eligible undergraduate students, which cover all or part of your tuition fees. Methods of production are processes which shape space and provide sustenance, thus, they constitute a way of living within natural systems. In this process the resource base of an area is developed. Some choose to work with specialist organisations, such as convention bureaux, while others opt to work as professional conference organisers, event managers and venue promoters. The economic and social institutions discussed in this section could also work to ensure the continued functioning of a sustainable society. "Contemporary Western society is built of brick and wood. Only parts of systems are seen in isolation.