ambulances philip larkin essay

difference a generation makes; the previous generation would have gone to church to heal themselves, while the new generation with its new health care system went to hospitals; thus, the ambulance becomes the modern day confessional. Everyone stops what they are doing to look at the ambulance. Her symptoms were so severe, effecting so much of her life, that regular care became a necessary evil for her, and she moved into Larkins home so that he could tend to her. Larkin was fascinated by the idea of the human condition death is a part of that condition, and its randomness, closeness, and inevitability are all themes that Larkin found especially interesting to analyze.

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Critiacal evaluation "Ambulances" by Philip Larkin uses the every day incident of someone being taken away in an ambulance to convey the ideas of human life. Nothing is greater or more powerful than death; death is the ultimate truth. The use of the word "any" helps to emphasise this point and convey the theme of the randomness of death. The traffic parts to let the ambulance through; the closer to the hospital they get, the further that person is from their life. Lets no one off the grave. The years, the unique random blend. The final stanza also points out that every brush with death we experience however indistinct further isolates us, makes us introspective, and forces us to ruminate on our own experiences, our own lives, our own fragile existence. Gone are the days of love with loved ones. Although death is, itself, a very private moment, there are always those college essays font on the fringe edges that catch sight of it, and stand, and gawk. Death is inevitable and all-powerful.