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and Dugdill B 2008 Selected smallholder dairying experiences from Bangladesh and Mongolia. Wages and returns to labour The large-scale extensive farm has considerably higher returns (0.80US-/hour) than the average wage rate (0.20US-/hour) in the region. The differences in the cost are due to the fact that BD-22SG (large-scale intensive) needs 70 fewer hours to produce 100 kg ECM due to higher milk yield. Since it is difficult to quantify such costs, the non-milk returns have been subtracted from the total costs to show a cost bar that can be compared with the milk price. This result lies between those obtained by Shamsuddin et al 2006 who found the range of feed cost to.5.1 of total cost.

Small-scale traditional system This farming system mainly keeps local cows with little access to pasture and support services. Land inputs, costs and productivity Inputs Farming systems Extensive Intensive Traditional Typical farms BD-2DP BD-14DP BD-4SG BD-22SG BD-2KG BD-10KG Input Ha/dairy animal. Costs US-/100 kg milk ECM. Productivity 1000 kg milk ECM/ha.0. After adjusting the corrections raised by the previous two steps, the typical farm is selected. The other important reason is the lack of alternative off-farm jobs and the historical inheritance of dairying from generation to generation which compels farmers to employ all of their resources in dairy. In order to take advantage of emerging market demands for reducing their poverty, smallholders have to face challenges to improve production costs and productivity (Uddin et al 2009b).

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The proportion of A2 and A1 beta casein in milk can vary with different breeds of dairy cattle A2 milk contains only A2 beta casein. But in order to illustrate how much milk the top cows can give, this is an interesting story. 7 Holzner J 2004 Eine Analyse der Internationalen Wetwewerbsfähigkeit der Milcherzeugung an ausgewäahlten Standorten in Ostdeutschland, der Tschechischen Republik und Estland. Regional rent prices provided by the farmers were used for owned land. On the other hand, the extensive and traditional farming systems produce low amount of milk with a reasonably high cost. EU Data Subject Requests. Adjustment of VAT, all cost components and returns are stated without value added tax (VAT). Any change in her daily meal will affect milk production until the cows re-adjusts to the new feed. The land size.25. 99/04, issn Asaduzzaman M 2000 Livestock sector, economic development and poverty alleviation in Bangaldesh.

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