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profiling in traffic stops; an Ohio police force to reduce its use of excessive force; the Pittsburgh police department. Police, shootings Really Occur? . Police officers should be a part of the community not against the community. In 1998, Human Rights Watch issued a nearly 400-page report analyzing police brutality and accountability throughout the United States. With so much going on in the media, the public is more terrified of the police. English 111, december 5, 2011, police brutality Police brutality is one of the most serious and divisive human rights violations in the United States and it occurs in every community.

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Peoples Justice for Community Control and Police Accountability, APA Citation Police violence timeline. Im very curious about racial profiling, police departments using excessive force and why the numbers of police brutality incidents are increasing annually. The targets of the violence are usually the poor, the working class, political dissidents, and ethnic minorities. Police brutality is the abuse of force and it is usually through physical. That report, which called for new standards of accountability, described a police department and culture where the use of excessive force, primarily against people of color, was not uncommon. New York: Human Rights Watch, 1998. Yet somehow, ends up beating and killing someone.