templeton foundation dissertation fellowship

Cambridge having gained a BA in Religious Studies and Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD in Religious Studies and the Humanities from Stanford University. Also provides Southeast European language training grants. Each fellow will pursue intensive engagement with the relevant scientists in their laboratories in Cambridge, consult with appropriate scholars nationally and internationally. Studies using traditional methods in the humanities analyzing texts, telling purely historical narratives, interpretive studies of works of art and performance are not eligible. American Council of Learned Societies, dissertation fellowships of up to 25,000 for writing dissertations in Southeast European Studies. The fellows will be embedded for three years in three scientific research clusters in Cambridge working at the cutting edge of their fields, and provided with substantial mentoring from both the science and the theology/philosophy sides of debate. The Global Religion Research Initiative is funded by the Templeton Religion Trust of Nassau, Bahamas.

Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowships Offers approximately 30 fellowships of 20,000 to support dissertations bringing "fresh and constructive perspectives to the.
Templeton Dissertation Fellowship at University of Notre Dame The Problem of Evil in Modern and Contemporary Thought.
Templeton Dissertation Fellowships in Early Modern Philosophy of Religion (2011-2013).
Templeton Dissertation Fellowships in Evil, Pain and Contemporary Philosophy of Mind (2011-2013).
The common goal of these research fellowships will be to provide scholars the opportunity.

Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy of Religion. Fellowship Goals, these doctoral dissertation fellowships are intended to promote among promising, young North American scholars the social scientific study of contemporary religions around the globe, especially religions in the global south, beyond the North Atlantic world (i.e., not the.S., Canada, and Western Europe). Eligibility Requirements, eligible applicants are graduate students (a) currently enrolled in good standing.S. Dissertation fellows will also have joint access to several thousand dollars to bring in outside speakers and scholars working on topics of interest to them. The three postdoctoral fellows will have the opportunity for an unusually deep engagement with working scientists, and will produce scholarly contributions in various formats.

Project Launch program for research funding for new projects, nor dissertations near completion and defending, nor (actual or de facto) post-doctoral periods (the grri also offers postdoctoral fellowships ). Successful proposals will involve dissertations that are: Focused on a contemporary religion or religions (or relatively recent cases, not on ancient, medieval, or early modern religions) in one of the following world regions : Asia, including East, Southeast, and South Asia. Students can use the Summer flas internationally or domestically. Social sciences here includes sociology, political science, anthropology, economics, and psychology; dissertations in religious studies departments are eligible if their methodologies are fundamentally social scientific. One-year stipend (17,000) supports students who have completed all requirements for their degree, except the dissertation, by the start of the fellowship. Latin America, the Caribbean, pacific Islands, empirical, not purely theoretical. Peters Dissertation Year Fellowship at Notre Dame. Mabelle McLeod Lewis Fellowships.

Templeton foundation dissertation fellowship
templeton foundation dissertation fellowship