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seen it twice, hoping to make sense. The main characters in the text The lost highway by David Adams, Rain When You Want Sunshine by Don Iannone, The bite of the Mango by Mariatu Kamara and Tormenting Love by Brenda Veli, illustrate the idea of growth through suffering. Ambiguous in meaning and frustrating in its all that shines is not gold essay pacing, LH is vintage David Lynch, drawing upon the themes, plot devices, and imagery that is common to all his films. The events portrayed in the bulk of LH are as Fred 'remembers, in his own way not necessarily how they actually happened. Not long after, Fred receives another videotape at his front door, and the recorded images reach their stunning conclusion- the bloodied image of Renee. Did the characters change in the space of one cut? That's not to say it's without interest.

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For instance, historic leaders such as Buddha, Ghandi and Mohammad went through phases of suffering only to achieve a higher understanding of life. They hate or fear each other, we sense. Pete returns home, where he has been missing from for several days. During this scene, Fred Madison looks physically uncomfortable, as if he is in pain somewhere, there is no pleasure at all, and his wife Renee stares blankly into the distance. Noir: the image of the femme-fatale, sexually alluring, lips covered in red, and eyes which have a deadly fetishistic appeal. Fred finally accepts the murders that he has committed when he drives up to his house and buzzes the intercom with the enigmatic message "Dick Laurent is dead"- the same message in the opening scene of the film. Andy, who is the guy on the stairs?

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lost highway essay

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