essay on favorite teacher in kannada

: be sure to insert multitudes of her different "real names with no sourcing whatsoever. Edit warring is believed by some to be important, possibly due to the historical regularity and frequency of the occurrence of these wars. It should truly be amongst the lamest edit wars. Murray is anti-English and British after the media misinterpreted a joke with Des Kelly and Tim Henman in 2006 so therefore he must be Scottish. The anonymous user removed the test message. Fustanella Who first donned a frilly skirt and threatened to kill anyone who questioned his manhood over it?

Essay on favorite teacher in kannada
essay on favorite teacher in kannada

Editors ruthlessly argue over the formalities of citizenship and nationality. Nancy Reagan Was she born in 1921? Banhammer Edit war in June 2007 over the inclusion of a screenshot from Second Life in which the character pictured is holding a hammer. Is it DDT, or Lita DDT?

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It sounds like just another one of many brushfire edit wars over a musical artist's exact genre, until you learn that this has been taking place on the disambiguation page. Daffy to Wikipedia: "No comment". 400 BC/BCE and 30 AD/CE ) with the BC/AD terms usually preceding the BCE/CE terms. User:Bishonen ended up stating: I've fullprotected this page to stop the edit warring. He was tall, just leave it at that. What will be the case one hundred years from now? On rare occasions, edit wars have erupted where the vital subject at stake is well, edit wars. Then the list was proposed for deletion.

In other English-speaking regions, and as second meaning in the US/Canada, the word "alternate" means "every other". All I can say is think again. Russell T Davies, shocked at seeing a dot in his name on Wikipedia WWE No Mercy Three-way edit war (or "three way" edit war depending on interpretation) over whether the phrase "Fatal Four Way/Fatal Four-Way" contains a hyphen.

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