why the drinking age should be 18 essay

not completely out of the question. 10, 2015 - Gabrielle Glaser The Amethyst Initiative, a coalition of over 100 university presidents and chancellors seeking to reopen the drinking age debate, wrote in its "Statement" webpage on the Amethyst Initiative website(accessed Jan. Relying on the government to make this choice for us disables the social orders internal mechanisms for bringing about and rewarding responsible behavior. Join, opinion on Facebook and follow updates on m/roomfordebate. 10, 2015 New York Times article, "Keep the Drinking Age High available at m, stated: "Lowering the drinking age would be harmful in two ways. A review of 49 studies of changes in the legal drinking age revealed that, in the 1970s and 1980s, when many states lowered the drinking age, alcohol-related traffic crashes increased. The unique bimodal age profile in states with an mlda of 21 suggests that delaying alcohol availability delays the fatalities associated with drunk-driving. Beckner, MS David. The National Highway Traffic Administration estimates that a legal drinking age of 21 has prevented greater than 21,000 traffic deaths since 1976. Most of these reported behaviors showed little change until after the 21 year old law in 1987.

This evidence implies that the nationwide increases in mlda may have merely shifted some of the fatality risks from teens to young adults." May 2001 - Thomas. The drinking age has effectively banished alcohol from public places and public view. When perception of risk from a particular substance decreases, prevalence rates tend to increase.

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Moreover, it plausibly generates side effects, like binge drinking and disrespect for the law." Apr. While we find limited evidence that the mlda21 saves lives when states adopted it of their own volition, we find no evidence it saves lives when the federal government compels this policy. 18, 2007 article "Reducing Alcohol Abuse and Underage Drinking" on ama-assn. Ninety-five percent of the 14 million people who are alcohol dependent began drinking before the legal age." Jan. Denying that and imposing ever more draconian punishments doesnt fix the real problems with alcohol.