advice for incoming college freshman essay

and have confidence in the fact that you were chosen not only for your academic competency but dowry essay pdf also for the perspective you have to offer your peers and professors. There are many steps that can be taken but I will explain the five that I think are the most important: misconceptions in interpersonal communication, strategies for active, critical and empathic listening, how emotions and nonverbal expression affect relationships, role of intelligence, and self-disclosure. make THE most OF each DAY. Try to study abroad. 10 Pieces of Advice for College Freshmen. Elias says, There was a lot of risky behavior going on alcohol abuse, selling of prescription meds, people who wound up in the hospital because of drinking too much, girls who needed to take Plan B pills for unprotected sex. You miss your parents, and you are on your own for the first time in your eighteen-year life.

"Advice for Future College Students.". Communication is a big part of relationships; it can make it or break. These people will be your references, advocates, and possibly even friends later in life; you want them to remember your name when the semester is over. Take a draft of your essay to a TA or professor for review; once graded work has been handed back, go back and ask for advice on how to improve. You're going to reach your senior year and wish you could change things and start.

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