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medium for inulinase production was MHI medium containing 4 inulin, 1 peptone and 5 NaCl, while the optimal culture condition for inulinase production were.5, temperature 37C, agitation speed 210 rpm, medium volume 40 ml in 250 ml shake flask, and incubation time. Inulinase eC, inulase, endoinulinase, endo-inulinase, exoinulinase, 2,1-beta-D-fructan fructanohydrolase ) is an enzyme with systematic name 1-beta-D-fructan fructanohydrolase. Acidophilus P106 in the bio-yoghurt during cold storage at 5 and sensory evaluation of probiotic yoghurts; 2) study the effect of feeding with this synbiotic fermented milk on diabetic mice. World journal of microbiology biotechnology. Pmid 22806782, abstract, creative writing page borders to date, all of microbial inulinases reported showed optimal activity at pH values ranging from.5.0. Jerusalem artichoke ( Helianthus tuberosus.) is an interested prebiotic because its tuber has risen content of inulin and fructo-oligosaccharides. The inulinase activity was induced by inulin, but not by the other carbon sources employed. El-Kholy, Hoda Mahrous, keywords: Functional Food, Probiotic, Jerusalem artichoke, journal name: Food and Nutrition Sciences, Vol.6.16, December 16, 2015, abstract: Inulin, an oligosaccharide produced by several plants, has been shown to enhance the viability of probiotic cultures in milk through storage. LS-A18 and inulin hydrolysis by the enzyme.

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A bacterial strain, Marinimicrobium. Title: Biological Studies on Bio-Yoghurt Fortified with Prebiotic Obtained from Jerusalem artichoke. It could be concluded that the Jerusalem artichoke influenced the growth. A large amount of monosaccharides was released after inulin hydrolysis by the inulinase from strain LS-A18. LS-A18, showing high extracellular descriptive essay about pilot inulinolytic activity was isolated from a marine solar saltern of the Yellow Sea in China. Alkaline inulinase production by a newly isolated bacterium Marinimicrobium.