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weeks of shooting photos, and thats really not enough time to get someones trust, so meeting people from. I traveled to Chicago expecting nothing similar to that, and was shocked and impressed with what the Windy City had to offer. (Chicago, Illinois) chicago pictures, early morning fog wraps around the buildings and creeps into Millenium Park. Police lights become a metaphor. (Chicago, Illinois) chicago pictures, the legendary Chicago Theater.

Photo Essays is a series on the Phoblographer where photographers get to candidly speak their mind about a specific subject or project of theirs. Chicago : A Photo Essay. I have spent nearly the entirety of the past year in South America.

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Thankfully, Chicago has one of the most beautiful skylines in the world, so I didnt have to know very much to take a good picture. Passion often follows mastery. MJ, im really not sure of the point of this big shinny bean, but it does make for some fun photography opportunities. There is often a period of silence in the beginning when you have to battle through work that is difficult to develop your skills. The images below are from my trips to Chicago. One of the most central human desires is to master something whether it be public speaking, knitting, travel, weightlifting, writing, photography, or anything else. In our annual photography issue, we usually showcase multiple essays from different photographers. The cops are a broken model george peterson unl thesis statement for a community to deal with violence. Right now in Chicago is not a good time. Luhrs Heldrich, sandy beaches are dusted with snow while Lake Michigan produces her final waves before icing over. Luhrs Heldrich, a jogger braves the cooler temperatures during an early morning run.

Luhrs Heldrich, a barren lakeshore path. None of this is to say that passionate work is easy.

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