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Pye provides another contribution to the question of racism and the fear of miscegenation in this movie in particular and the western in general; in Double Vision: Miscegenation and Point of View in The Searchers he argues that the rules of the genre render. Ethan is idolised by Aaron's kids: daughters Lucy (Pippa Scott) and Debbie (Lana Wood) and son Ben (Robert Lyden). The Genius of the System: Hollywood Filmmaking in the Studio Era. This is quite an unusual recommendation given by David Grimsted of how to make your own decision between different readings of a films message, but, of course, he also advises us to have a look if such a reading is borne out by the facts. John Fords authorship of a story exploring the human costs in the conventional Western is the most significant mark of the film, seeing as by 1956 the director had committed almost fifty Westerns to celluloid. Print the Legend: The Life and Times of John Ford. One of the most interestin. His running motto, Thatll be the day, is spoken in Waynes swagger-of-a-voice, which he tenders whenever challenged. He then fights his way past Martin and seems intent on killing Debbie. She kneels down in the graveyard by a headstone, which, appearing for only a few frames, reads: Here lies Mary Jane Edwards killed by Comanches May 12, 1852. The films commentary is hidden deep in the subtext, where observations are occasionally lost or misinterpreted when placed next to its lighter notes of comic relief and romantic folly, no doubt included by the filmmaker for his mainstream audiences benefit.

Fords portrayal was often negative, with a few exceptions, because the director was so bound to that Manifest Destiny ideal that saw Native Americans as a problem, a people to be swept aside in favor of westward expansion. "Let's go home, Debbie he croaks. Settled in the Eastern Colonies were Americans; beyond the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers was a vast rolling wildness waiting to be surveyed and triumphed over. Ethan and Martin carry on and Ethan says that Debbie is alive and the Comanche will raise her as one of their own until she can have children. Four years later, however, Fort would finally go one step further with Sergeant Rutledge and directly voice his concerns about racial discrimination against African-Americans. In a primal scene, famously restaged in Star Wars, Ethan returns to Aaron's farm and finds it burning, the two girls missing, and Martha raped and murdered.

Is this Ethans lingering racism? Ethan is left with his own demons to conquer, but not before he scalps Scars dead body with tragic irony, further identifying himself as analogous to his enemy. Fords message inhabits the 5th grade essay templats realm of the allegorical and psychological, avoiding any outright, condemning dialogue on the matter (like that heard later in Fords last Western, Cheyenne Autumn from 1964). Questioning the intention. That Scar did not marry, but adopt Debbie. Debbie but shoot her dead because she has become the sexual property of the Comanche. The West was not deemed America, rather that which was to become America. A fella could mistake you for a half-breed, he says to his brothers adopted son, Martin Pawley (Jeffrey Hunter). Having all but invented the genre, as far back as 1917 the director made Westerns, embracing their straight-lined plots and grandiose vistas, building himself an ideal derived from American painting, the eras dime novels, and period loreall integrated into his own historical reality on film. When Ethan discovers the location of the group responsible for Debbies kidnapping, he and Martin ride to survey the situation, posing as traders. The remaining men set out to kill the Comanches and rescue Lucy and Debbie. An editor will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback.

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