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The worse with their what is a methodology in a research paper golden promises made all men their slaves in hope of recompenses. Chesapeake: Religion and People specifically for you for only.90/page, order Now, religion was a main aspect in the differences between New England and Chesapeake. Every man was given a freedom of speech during the town meetings. New England had better conditions: A big population, positive goals that were beneficial to the settlers, and loyalty. The imbalance of people and wealth in the south only increased as the slave trade business began to advance and grow (Bailey, Kennedy, and Cohen 66-67). However, it should be noted that from the onset, the two nations were unique and their own unique identities.

New Englanders, for example, wanted to start a new life with religious freedom. The New England colonies were composed of families, and this occurred because the religious aspect of society was more appealing to families who wished to live in a unified community based on god (Document B). This work ethic through god was demonstrated through the laborers, consider the religious end of their callings, (Document E). Compared to the Englanders bound for Massachusetts, those journeying tothe Chesapeake region had immensely different other example of the importance of family in New England can be found in theArticles of Agreement for Springfield, Massachusetts of 1636 which states, We intend by Gods grace, as soon.

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Religion in the design college admission essay Chesapeake region was not at all common, except in a few areas. This is because this particular region was mainly composed of colonialists having their towns as well as families which move together. Citizens in this region had no religious aspirations, but rather motives to, dig gold, wash gold, refine gold, load gold, (Document F). The Individuals who settled the Chesapeake region were prompted by the rumors of gold and quick wealth, whereas the New England puritans fled the The Protestant reform in order to achieve religious freedom (Bailey, Kennedy, and Cohen 42-43). Based on the tight bond in the New England community, they felt it important for the entire community to be prosperous and successful, unlike like the Chesapeake region. We will write a custom essay sample. The colony of Maryland was intended as a sanctuary for Catholics after being mistreated when the Catholic Church separated from the Church of England. During the 1600s, several different areas of the New World were settled andcolonized by the English including New EnglandMassachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Islandand the Chesapeake regionMaryland and spite the similarities of the origins of these two places, by the eighteenth century theyhad evolved. The principle of not impoverishing their neighbors was another way in which they could accomplish being city upon a hill.

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dbq essay new england chesapeake region

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