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2 hour written examination, optional, pI2101, information Ethics. (a) Portfolio entries: 60 of your final grade. Gerald Cipriani is of Corsican Irish origins and lived for a number of years in France, England and Wales. No essay will be accepted after two weeks have elapsed from the submission deadline.

Stephen David Ross, Art and its Significance. Attendance at this training event is compulsory for any student registered for PI2105. Felzmann Course description: This module aims to provide students with a critical understanding of current and emerging ethical concerns in relation to the internet, big data and robotics, including issues such as online identity, privacy and robot-human interactions. . His work has been published in English mainly as well as French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Farsi. Module Texts : You are not required to purchase a textbook. New York: Collier Books. Due Friday 30/11/18, 5pm.

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