essay on teenage pregnancy in ghana ppt

a direct link between levels of education and the age of the first sexual intercourse experience. They could be internal or external.g. Health messages are crucial in effecting behavioural change of preventable factors on health (Mokdad et al; 2004). Cite This Work, to export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. On the other hand, as most teenagers dont change their lifestyles easily, perceived barriers are their own assessment of the difficulties in embracing a new behaviour.

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Behaviour is contagious and teens, in particular, are extremely influenced by what their friends do or say. "The Preventing Of Teenage Pregnancy.". Innovative and progressive initiatives would be important to effectively increase the services addressing sexual and reproductive health issues. Moving forward, measures proposed by the stakeholders conference to tackle the issue of thesis panelist teenage pregnancy in Ghana, include, the conduct of an in-depth assessment of teenage pregnancy in Ghana, development of a 10-year strategic plan to reduce the high rates of teenage pregnancy in Ghana. Cues to action are pieces of information which are given out with the intention of triggering decision-making actions.

In Ghana, for example, according Keller, Hilton Tsumasi-Ankrah. Recent information from the Ghana Health Service indicates that alarming. Teena ge pregnancy was chosen in the second round as the final research topic.