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has been used since it's first implementation in the early 20th century. It includes people who normally manage individual functions or processes, and makes the overall flow of material and information across the entire process visible. Excess Stock : an overabundance of inventory which results in greater lead times, increased difficulty identifying problems, and significant storage costs. Consequently how to apply Lean tools and techniques to reduce the wastage.

Processing : an overly complex solution for a simple procedure. 10 In a build-to-the-standard form, Shigeo Shingo 11 suggests that the value-adding steps be drawn across the centre of the map and the nonvalue-adding steps be represented in vertical lines at right angles to the value stream. Lastly the limitations associated with the use of VSM in the construction industry will be presented. Integral Logistic Structures: Developing Customer-oriented Goods Flow. The Lean Thinking philosophy is discussed with support from many different sources, and finally a conclusion about the use of VSM in the construction industry is carried out. Brookline, Massachusetts: Lean Enterprise Institute. Waiting for the new doors to be delivered. Previously referred to as overproduction, and leads to storage and lead time waste.

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Map of the Future State Based on the current state map and resulting improvement proposals, the future state map could be drawn. As a result, the Takt time now represents the time in which a square meter should be executed. Do you have a process engineer on site? Conveyance : the process by which goods are moved around. 3 Using the method edit Applications edit Value Stream Maps are usually drawn using a set of standard symbols, some of which can be seen here. The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Administrative and Office Processes. Decision point analysis: determines inflection points for push-and-pull demand in the supply chain. Womack JP, Jones. A developing a thesis modeling reduction of approximately 27 workdays, which is more than a month. 13th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction - Sydney, Australia, Value Stream Mapping in Construction: A Case Study in a Brazilian Construction Company, 2005, t/Papers/Details/356 The paper deal with the introduction and implementation of VSM in the construction industry.

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