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and falls into a coma, Hans and Rosa worry about how they will dispose of the corpse if he dies. Hans, we learn, served with Maxs father in World War. A friend brings him false identity papers and a map hidden in mkpf, Hitlers autobiography. Rosa gives Liesel a book that Max made for her called The Word Shaker. Meanwhile, in Stuttgart, a German Jew named Max hides in a closet with no food, light, or water. By Clare Cannon and Fred Buttell.

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Frau Hermann tells Liesel conclusion for an expository essay she cant afford to send out the laundry anymore. More example articles in different scientific disciplines are available on this website, with their own answers to the books exercises. Hans waits for soldiers to come take him away, but none. When the workers take her away, she leaves behind her finished book, called The Book Thief. When Hans discovers that Liesel doesnt know how to read, he begins teaching her the alphabet, and together they make their way through the book Liesel stole from the gravedigger. Following another air raid, Liesel and Rudy find an Allied fighter pilot who has crashed his plane. After the liberation of the concentration camps, Max returns to Molching and finds Liesel. And the third time was after a bombing. An Analysis of Contemporary Social Welfare Issues. Liesel tells Rudy about hiding Max. Max leaves the closet and takes the train to the Hubermanns house. Instead, they come to Rudys house, to recruit him for a school for future Nazi leaders.

Book overview
book overview