respect for elders essay in hindi

Paragraph. Now, this is a very sad state of affairs. . 9.I take my evening milk and sit for study. I also do few Yogas in the evening. The most important reason of this unrest is the spirit of the age. . They had enormous amount of say when it came to choosing their life partners and love marriages were quite common. The content of education proves to be of no use to the student in later life. . Aaj ka din ham sabhi ke liye bahut khas hai.

They are always on the look-out for opportunities to exploit the student clarity essay writing community for their narrow, selfish ends. . Mere sabhi adhyapako or dosto. As time is progressing more and more gender roles are being reversed in the country, especially in love matches. The men are willing to shoulder the household responsibilities while women are becoming career-oriented and principle bread-winner of the family. There remains a pre-existing comfort-level and trust, that makes one adjust to the changing situation voluntarily with much enthusiasm and not compulsorily. Concepts like Swayamvars were based on the consent of women and men proving their mettle as the best suitor. I read small story in free time. It presents to one an opportunity to build ones life together with their partner. The restrictions of caste, social status, physical appearance and even religion do not apply when a person falls in love and hence such clauses are not part of the marriage discussions.