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step at a time, you will be able to accomplish the task. Include letters of commitment with specific contributions from the participants' supporting institutions. Some programs require a preliminary proposal. One of the goals of the Foundation is to increase the participation in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology of women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities. There will be differences in what is needed in each new project. Reviews are used by NSF Program Directors to inform funding decisions; and anonymous copies are sent to all proposers. Are the goals and objectives, and the plans and procedures for achieving them, innovative, well-developed, worthwhile, and realistic? Make sure that other scientists and educators learn about your activities through correspondence, telephone conversations, presentations, and publications.

Is there cognizance of and cooperation with other programs in the region (Local Systemic Change LSC, State Systemic Initiative SSI, Urban Systemic Initiative USI, Rural Systemic Initiative RSI, Alliances for Minority Participation AMP, and large systemic efforts in preK-12 curriculum reform) designed to improve the. Reviewers are charged with safeguarding the confidentiality of proposals and are asked not to copy,", or otherwise use material from any proposal. Do your homework, mature and sophisticated proposal for research are more likely to win you the Fellowship. For example, use laboratory, not lab and mathematics, not math.

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For projects which are creating instructional materials, include information on potential commercial publication. Obviously, if you don't have a good research idea, you are very unlikely to get funded. Following these discussions, panelists complete their individual reviews and one panel member writes a summary of the discussion for each proposal. Your proposal should also excite someone who is in your exact field. There are no hidden agendas. Carefully review your budget to ensure that ineligible items do not appear in the budget and that adequate attention has been given to cost sharing. The proposal should explicitly identify components that will result in increased participation by and/or success of these groups.

Funded 2012 proposal (funded) 2012 external reviews 2012 NSF panel review, rejected 2011 proposal (rejected) 2011 external reviews 2011 NSF panel review, this is a short article. Consider scheduling the writing in small, regular amounts of time. Does the project provide for effective assessment of student learning, which reflects the proposed educational objectives and practices? The proposal should be concise and not exceed any text restrictions.

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