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atoms, 6 a quantum-gas analogue of the topological Haldane model 7 and the merger of quantum gas experiments with. The MIT team took a different approach - they used a combination of laser and evaporative cooling methods to turn sodium atoms into a Bose-Einstein Condensate. If an increasingly large force is applied to it in the longitudinal direction, however, it will eventually buckle and lose its rotational symmetry. For a long time, researchers generally assumed that it would be impossible to create such a structure - but that didn't stop some from trying. The two papers have been published in Nature here and here. Again, this can be compared to a buckled rod, which is easy to rotate but hard to bend further. In their new work, Esslinger and his collaborators took a particular interest in phase transitions - physical processes, that is, in which the properties of a material change drastically, such as the transition of a material from solid to liquid or the spontaneous magnetization.

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Julian Léonard, Andrea Morales, Philip Zupancic, Tilman Esslinger, Tobias Donner.
Julian Leonard of Harvard University, MA (Harvard) with expertise in: Quantum Physics, Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics and Condensed Matter Physics.
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Léonard,., Morales,., Zupancic,., Esslinger,.

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"Such collective excitations have only been detected indirectly so far explains Julian Léonard, who obtained his doctorate in Esslinger's laboratory now works as a post-doc at Harvard University, "but now we have succeeded in directly observing the character of those modes, which is dictated. Theodor Hänsch on subrecoil laser cooling and optical lattices. The results of their research have recently been published in the scientific journal. A cylindrical rod is rotationally symmetric - after any arbitrary rotation around its axis it always looks the same. Now, two independent teams of physicists have used different techniques to achieve the same odd result - what they claim are the first examples of supersolid matter. Using two optical resonators, a coupling between the atoms and the light waves is created that causes the shape of the potential energy of the rubidium atoms to look like a rotationally symmetric salad bowl.

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Detected these so-called Goldstone and Higgs modes in a supersolid Bose-condensed atomic gas held in two crossed optical.
ETH Zurich /Julian Leonard.

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