explain the strengths of natural law theory essay

race, age or gender Natural Law can be applied and followed. Using natural law, we use reason to determine the secondary precepts to find a course of action to follow - this process is called causistry however sometimes the judgement is flawed and we follow what is known as an "apparent good.". (Temperance, Bravery, Justice and Prudence). The theory allows us to be able to link our day to day questions of what to do with the fundamental purposes of life. It is a mostly deontological theory, however the idea of the secondary precepts brings in a teleological argument. Another strength too this theory is that it is (autonomous) self directed freedom to not have a faith. Nature, Society and the plights of both the elderly and the very young are considered. The Primary precepts are considered "ethically good" in most societies. It gives a chance to set us free and to fulfil our purpose according to the image of God. The theory has been praised by a number of thinkers for removing the animalistic idea of being entirely focused on individual or group pleasure. A deontological theory is a theory that focuses more on the value of the action rather than the consequence of that action.

Through Eternal and Divine law, it claims that only Christians can see a portion of the world as God "wills". In conclusion, while Natural Law is a popular and works in theory, it has a myriad of detrimental flaws which prevent it from fully working in a modern society, for instance it makes the same mistake Eudamonia does in saying that each person desires the. These are known as the Secondary Precepts. This theory follows an absolute approach to the fundamental principles; of which are known to be the Primary precepts.

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(a) Explain the strengths of Natural Law Theory. Every human life is worth the same. Should we let these people die for the cause of not interfering in Gods will? The theory is absolute to world history essays pdf vision ias these precepts which allows communities to know what is right and wrong and how we should act in dilemmas for the wellbeing of ourselves and others around. The moral actions we take part in are used to determine the goodness we are influenced. The four cardinal virtues are central to having good internal acts.

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