hard working mom essay

mom forwarded me an amusing essay from one woman recounting the foibles of being a working mother. Mom, you told me I could do anything I set my mind to and I believed essay writing focus you because I watched you do the same. Upon going to herworkplace, brings alongwith her some kueh to besold to her friends. At.30.m., she goesto work at the town as ageneral worker- a janitor. Taking care of the elderly is very similar to the demand of taking care of one's children (Bianchi 180). We will write a custom essay sample.

How My Hard-Working Mother Taught Me The Value Of Being

hard working mom essay

The working mother is commonly viewed as being ambitious and driven however, both of these women play an equally important role in the family. While women are expanding their lives to include a ending of a research paper career, they must also maintain their traditional roles at home. It is important for working mothers to make sure their job provides both sick and personal time. Becoming a mother is a life changing experience. Iknow my mother is happydoing this just by loookingat her face of satisfactioneach time the egetables aresold. Dropping their children off and hustling to make it to work on time. Everything has to be taken into consideration.

My mom was not only brilliant at her job, she also worked extremely hard at it, and made sure that everything she did was done well. Free Essay: It is often said that, Man s work ends at sun set. Women s work is never done. With sixty-three million women working and. Writing Assignment - My Mother is a Hardworking Person - Free download as Word Doc (.doc PDF File (.pdf Text.

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