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in the body of the". Is the grammar and vocabulary in this"tion understandable? All paraphrased information should be cited using the authors name, the year of the publication, and the page numbers if they are available and relevant. Here's what you can do: McKinney believes that yoga is a form of therapy, both physical and mental (2012,.99). As long as you are giving appropriate credit to the author when"ng, that is all that is required. You can alter the"tion on your own according to the passage, by saying: To paraphrase Ronald Reagans famous", It is easier to trust when you can verify. Remember, being selective with"s and using them strategically will make your speech or essay much stronger than packing in lots of"s and drowning out your own voice. (346) 4 Cite each author for information with multiple authors. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. However, if your"tion is more than three lines of poetry, I would suggest that you treat it like you would have treated a long"tion from prose. For example, cite their years in the industry or mention their contribution to the topic at hand.

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When you introduce a pertinent argument or piece of data from another scholar, incorporate it into your essay by citing the author and date. 3, cite the author and year of a scholarly argument. Whatever direction your speech or essay takes, there's a host of"tions to choose from. And the only way to do great work is to love what you. Most of the topics that show up on the GRE essay section can be broadly grouped into five categories. In this case, do away with the colon. If the" doesnt serve any of the above then you are forcing it into the essay and this could do more harm than good. Here are some good tips on blending in your"tions: You can begin your essay with a"tion that sets off the basic idea of the essay. This makes the" stand out and easier to read. If there are no specific guidelines, you can follow the usual standard - if a"tion is more than three lines long, you block. Here is a checklist to ensure that you are doing the right thing: What Is This"tion Doing in This Essay?

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