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a deity of vegetation and rainfall from whom all life received its nourishment (1976:33). Whether rejection of the null hypothesis truly justifies acceptance of the research hypothesis depends on the structure of the hypotheses. On the stones of Moctezuma I and Tizoc two female captives wear back skull ornaments with aprons (Figure 8a). Be familiar with different methods for collecting quantitative data and basic concepts of probability sampling. A fact that may have led to the conflation between the roofs of buildings and the hair of the earth.

1983.: Dumbarton Oaks Trustees for Harvard University. Several of these arguments also hold true for the dorsal images of Tlaltecuhtli. A review of available literature http resourcecentre. Tlaltecuhtli 1b (Figures 4-5).

82 83 citation needed 82 83 citation needed An introductory college statistics class places much emphasis on hypothesis testing perhaps half of the course. 12 If the decisions are based on convention they are termed arbitrary or mindless 43 while those not so based may be termed subjective. "Statistical Methods in Psychology Journals; Guidelines and Explanations". And the sex organs appear on the vertical axis of a frontal figure. The "fail to reject" terminology highlights the fact that the null hypothesis is assumed to be true from the start of the test; if there is a lack of evidence against it, it simply continues to be assumed true. Though they are not different enough to designate separate categories altogether.

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