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language learning from birth to age eight and provides an overview of the principles governing the process. Topics include telephone techniques, written correspondence, business meetings, travel arrangements, office mail, file management, and career planning and business ethics. (Formerly: RES 202) Prerequisites: RES 100, RES 120, RES 201, RES 210, RES 220, RES 129, RES 239, and RES 249. It explores child development in the context of gender, family, culture, and society. Students will discuss an overview of staffing needs and the hiring program (Human Resource Management). Graphic calculators will be used as tools to motivate and enhance learning.

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There are those who claim the relationship between humans and the environment is anthropocentric and others that take a broader view of biocentrism. The course will also include discussion on the values, rights, and responsibilities of the state, the community, and the family. This essay will examine the underlying issues of identity and how, beginning with the Truman Doctrine, a distinct articulation of the national interest was evinced that has defined Americas role in the world. The course includes discussion of an integrated approach to the use of art and music us immigration essay experiences throughout the early childhood day. Human rights need to be protected, so do animal rights. 224 clinical contact hours.

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