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Another thing were going to see is the Constitution. Im inviting all my friends! One thing I like to do on a hot summer day is got to the pool and stay all day. Continued Below, advertisements: Privacy Statement: Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site does not collect and store information about individual web site visitors. I never, ever want my summer to end! I like to go to the zoo and learn about many animals like lions and tigers.

I am so excited to see all my family! Usually my family launches some rockets that are really loud and watches the fireworks.

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I might go to a tennis camp, too. My cousins name is Caylee. I am going to some summer camps as well. I am very excited about our vacation and spending time with my family for a week. This year I am also going to go jet what is involved in research paper writing skiing with my dad. Summer is a time to relax and have fun.

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