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to the country, we cannot deny the fact that is a hazardous industry. Mechanization of post harvesting activities Technology is been using in this step for storing, weighing, threshing, boiling, cleaning and polishing rice. As a result, such areas have developed the problem of water logging, ultimately damaging the standing crops, microorganisms, animals and even the human population. The genetic variety also allows farmers to develop the full range of highly various microenvironments in the country, conflicting in characteristics such as soil, water, warmth, elevation, slope and fertility. But modern agriculture has taken advantage of several more recent crop breeding techniques. Agriculturally used domestic plants have been basically altered from their wild aging endothelial dysfunction thesis pdf relatives and they have been reshaped to meet human being needs and wants. Further I found that following strengths and weaknesses while observing the traditional and modern agriculture in Sri Lanka. Under this type of farming, the farmers grow grains for themselves as well as for the purpose of sale.

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It has developed over the years with the use of thesis statement for the short story cathedral new equipments and techniques of farming and domestication. Very dramatic yield increases occur with the application of synthetic chemical fertilizers. Those details will not be an impact on your cultivation. Soil biota Insect pests and other disease causing organisms are held in check by an abundant and diverse community of beneficial soil organisms, including predatory wasps, spiders, nematodes, springtails, mites and beneficial bacteria and fungi, among other species. In the future, in order to take advantage of new technologies and practices, farming systems will need to be viewed as ecosystems, or agricultural ecosystems. Paddy farmers represent considerable percentage of the labor force of the country. Vref1 titleStudying Modern Agriculture In Sri Lanka m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. Those involved in farming are constantly exposed to different chemical based fertilizers and pesticides and the continual use of these can lead to several health hazards such as skin diseases, lung infections and certain other serious illnesses. Our agricultural sector is now stronger than that of many countries. Weakness observed in the paddy farming System. Though agriculture is being practiced since centuries in India, it remained under developed for a pretty long time.

Genetic engineering has begun to develop molecular techniques that selectively introduce genetic information from one organism to another, often times from very unrelated organisms, with a goal of capitalizing on specific useful traits. (ii) Application of Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides and Insecticides. Social classes and the exchange of ideas emerged from this new society. Besides that, the following advantages is allowing growing settlement.