essay on pollution a menace

energy than electric energy: dry the clothes naturally. This is because of the frequent sounds of planes coming in and going out of Dum Dum Airport. They should create awareness. Factories and small industries are being shifted to some remote areas. But we have failed to get desired result. If pollution continues, the day is not far when our earth will be a boiling pan and become a desert. Article on Pollution 3 (600 words). Even our health has become a business. Various types of pollution are caused, but mainly the following lead to life threatening and adverse effects on the humans: Air Pollution The most dangerous and common type of pollution, caused by release of harmful gases in the air. Pollution is a process of making the environment dirty, unhealthy and unsuitable for humans and animals to live.

There is no doubt that the fish that grow in such waters are poisonous too. Few major pollution control measures undertaken by the government are: Implementation of waste minimization techniques and adoption of appropriate pollution control measures. Mills and factories discharge very harmful waste waters into many rivers and sea. It has made this problem all the more complex. It has led to spread of slums in cities and towns. The water that we drink has become highly * polluted even after its treatment. Solutions to prevent Water Pollution: Dont throw waste or rubbish in the rivers, oceans, use water wisely, dont throw oil, medicines, harmful liquids in the water, buy environmentally safe liquids for cleaning purpose, etc. Pollution is an undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of air, water and soil that may harmfully affect life or create potential health hazard of any living organism. Assistance for sustainable development.