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other winners that it probably would not have gotten the prize had Faulkner not won the Nobel. As always, I'm interested to find out. That said, it was published the same year as "To Kill a Mockingbird which (despite being what we could now consider YA fiction) clearly deserved the award. While I don't think the racial divide is growing, I think that the internet has illuminated an issue that was always present but previously easier for some to ignore. Fortune smiles was a "good" (but only good) collection, but won't win Johnson his second Pulitzer. Hope it's better than what i've hearing, although it did get a good review in the NYT. I understand the DeLillo book is another big one, so I'm hoping it's a return to his earlier form. Maybe at 300 I would give it some time. As for the Sotheby's auction, go up to the top of the page and check the mast on the left. The posts below about finding a first of THE sellout prompted this question, as I think that the print run for the THE sellout must have been relatively local bookstore only had 2nd printings by the time he did a reading here (very early. It is something akin to Don Quixote.

This list has made me begin to think about book reading preferences as compared to food preferences. I think it remains a finalist, however. I figure these two will either win this and the other will win the nbcc or the Pulitzer. Their philosophy is to rotate books frequently, so there is often new stuff, and while they do flag some stuff for the rare books section, there are a lot.99 bargains! I was excited to post on this forum how much I am enjoying Did You Ever Have a Family, and came home from work with the intention of writing that post and telling Ed that he and I are of a like mind where.

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