should felons be allowed to vote essay

I don't think felons should be allowed to vote here in the United States. It first presents the arguments of those supporting the idea of re-enfranchising felons, and then provides the authors reasons not to agree with the idea. Well, I will not but just one. Not as many people vote as it is and I don't think that the.2 of Americans incarcerated will really have a huge impact in voting. If you cannot follow the laws here, then you shouldn't be able to vote. Most people who commit crimes to me do not at all have anyones best interest at heart other than themselves. But once released, they've served their time and should be able to have a say in the future of our society. There have been historical arguments that suggest that disenfranchisement has dominated the scholarly debate; The descriptive essay on my favourite food pizza most prevalent of these arguments is protecting the clarity of the ballot box, putting a stop to disruptive voting, and decreasing the likelihood of electoral fraud that has made easy. The author claims that if a certain person went on to disobey the law and the social values society generally accepts, he or she deserves never to have the right to vote restored since he or she is not that conscious a citizen in the. If a felon can vote it's no longer a privilege for people who live their lives within the law daily.

Should, felons, be, allowed to, vote? Essay - 794 Words Bartleby Should, ex-, felon s be allowed to, vote?

Those who actively break the terms upon the trust of the law should not have a say in what is going on in the society outside of a jail cell. Are you people afraid that the.2 are going to take over? Come on people,quit being so selfish and think about the families of those people incarcerated and the individuals themselves. Related Opinions, comments (0). The only exception I could see is if the felony is related to voter fraud of some sorts.

Its likely everyone knows someone that was a felon at some point. To keep punishing them? Felons are just peoples like us! Criminal activity, however, has nothing to do with a person's status as a political actor. Article Info: Felons Should Not Be Allowed to Vote. Otherwise, if we keep reminding ex-felons of their former mistakes, they will never feel like they belong in the community how to write a college level essay introduction and will forever remain deviants in the eyes of our society, and behave likewise too. The legislature has sent a clear message that voting is a fundamental right that should not be stripped away from people who are working, paying taxes and contributing to their communities, said Steven Brown, Executive Director of the aclu of Rhode Island. An author from the New York Times agrees, stating that, ".it diminishes American democracy to not allow people who have paid their debt to society to help select their leaders" (Author, 2006). Obtaining the right to vote is part of a collective contract, and if a person was to break the contract and get tossed in a jail cell as a consequence, they should not be able to benefit having a perspective or viewpoint in the government. I believe even felons should have a say.

should felons be allowed to vote essay

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