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OK to say that you dont understand a problem. In Key Stage 1 (Reception to Year 2) reading is the most important homework. I really wish that math was math, and English was English. Whether parental help has positive or negative effects on students' academic outcomes depends on the motivation and involvement of their parents. Keep it fun and make it a special time that you both look forward. Take the fear and frustration out of math homework by pointing out how numbers are used in your home on a daily basis. Young children who display disruptive behavior reduce those behaviors when their teacher spends extra time playing individually with them, according to a new University of Virginia study published in December in the journal. Math instruction today might look very different from when you were in school. Research shows that it's the single most important thing you can do to help your child's education. Encourage your child to check in with a classmate if she doesnt understand or misses an assignment.

You need to show your work. Don't give your child the answer in order to get a task finished.

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So I thought I'd compile a list of five things that frustrate me most about math homework. Tips for good homework habits, do find a quiet place at home to use as a homework area. This was shown essay on america changing during 1850-1900 in the results of the study "Parents, teachers and children's learning". Have her collect coins in a piggy bank and count them out regularly. It needs a flat surface, a good light source and the right equipment eg pens, pencils, ruler, scissors, glue.