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of Family Adjustment and Adaptation, developed by McCubbin and McCubbin (McCubbin., 1996). He found that the disruption of bonds that a child has may make it very hard to form secure attachments otherwise in life, therefore, leading to possible psychological disorders. (Wooding, 64) The stepparent who is armed with these facts can take appropriate action. After surmounting the emotional pain of a failed first marriage, one may think the likelihood of success would increase with experience, but it does not (Wooding, viii) unless all contributing factors are considered. With a blended family it may be harder to get everyone to work together as a family. Because the divorce rate is tremendously high, statistics show that over 50 of Americans will live in a stepfamily environment at some point in their lives. This was due large in part to the father having to financially support, educate and protect his children much like the father figure of Christian Mythology (Friedman, 1995). What Are the Legal Ramifications of a Blended Family? Once an agreement has been made regarding the budget, the pair has to agree and stick within the guidelines of the budget. The key to having a successful financial plan is to budget. A stepparent will also deal with the stepchilds natural resistance to his or her presence.

When researchers have done studies on stepfamilies post-remarriage, conclusion to an essay about the holocaust they have found out very little about how the couple prepares themselves and their families before they re-marry or move in together to live as a whole family unit. How Common is Re-Marriage? What values and concepts do learn to teach your kids? Stepfamilies are different from traditional families because they have to combine a home to fit the children, and spouses. As stated by Robert. The problem is most women do not average the same income as their husbands; therefore, the wifes 50 will affect her income more drastically. Research shows most remarried couples having three accounts labeled-yours, mines and ours. (Statistics Canada, 2006) Reasons for the low success rate may be unhealthy, unresolved behaviours that both partners carry forward into the new relationship.

Through research studies on blended families there seems to be a much greater risk of negative outcomes for children that are part of a blended family, as opposed to other children around them who are from a first time.
This essay will identify how the world is changing with regards to Blended families.
First of all, what is a blended family?
Blended families can also be known as Step -Parenting.