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in which they had their nest. So in December, '74 Jesse and our good friend, Philip Horton, loaded up the van and drove to San Diego. At one time we had a vaulting team, which Sandy coached. It was there that we met Philip and Doris Horton and their children, Tom and Christine. High School is still the same with all the drama, lies and people here it seems like no matter what country you go to it still follows you around your whole life. They feel isolated and insecure.

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When Frank was little we had a ten volume set of Bible stories. They live in a bit less palacious premises. We had barrels set up for gymkhana and jumps for hunter jumpers. At that time Don's son, Anthony, was with Don, and Don told Anthony to go with. When I mentioned sleeping in the camper I remember one day that Karen and Allan decided that they would go out into the desert early in the morning to see the sunrise. Mary Lou and Frank, and Sandy and. We went up to Connecticut and brought her back with. They enjoy the facility of telephone, telex and newspapers which keep them well informed about the daily happenings of the world. The night that Jesse was gone was the only night that I spent in a house alone.

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