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explores is how people can be corrupted further by power given to them. That dialogue is all about potential. The doctor even said, dont university of puget sound application essay you want your son to be able to have the best life possible? Gattaca has created a system to clearly categorize people based on their genetic makeup. The police didnt believe that an invalid could have a perfect record at Gattaca.

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m, ml (accessed October 11, 2018). Vincent confounds these definitions of identity. Gerome aka Eugene was so obsessed about being perfect that he tried to commit suicide because he got second. While genetically engineered individuals form the society's elite, those born by natural means are treated as inferior, second-class citizens. You crossed anyway." Vincent doesn't want to miss the sunrise with Irene and so he crosses the road, despite putting himself in danger. However, at its core, Gattaca presents a deeply dystopian society. The idea of perfection is the general theme in the plot. For example, 'invalids' are restricted in their ability to choose their occupation, as all 'invalids despite their academic abilities, are only allowed to perform menial tasks. The society within, gattaca is obsessed with the removal of human flaws and aims for nothing less than human perfection. We see that the pressure of modern culture has permeated in the future to the extent that people "have you looking so hard for any flaw, that after a while that's all you can see". The police didn't even accept Vincent because they could not fathom an In-valid cheating the system let alone becoming the best in his field. In the world.

Near the end of the movie, however, there are many examples that people do exceed there potential. This is emphasized in the ironic" "the best test score wasn't going to matter unless I had the blood test to go with." This illustrates that the society is not a meritocracy, as an individual's self worth is calculated purely by their genetic. On the surface, the society within.

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