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neglect in the United Kingdom in the 1970s dramatized case reports of the phenomenon, termed Granny battering. Sound documentation may include drawings of injuries on body diagrams or photographs to support written reports. Nurses should conduct interviews and examinations with the patient first, in a private setting separate from the caregiver. Senate Special Committee on Aging issued a series of reports on abuse and neglect occurring in nursing homes. Vref1 titleThe Issue Of Elder Abuse And Neglect Social Work Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. Assessment for elder abuse should include caregiver, as well as victim, evaluation. In addition to inadequate information, training, and the caregivers experience of caring for older adults, older adults are at risk for maltreatment due to other vulnerabilities.

The right for provisions to ensure proper transfers or discharges. All Answers ltd, 'The Issue Of Elder Abuse And Neglect Social Work Essay' (m, October 2018) p?vref1 accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. Families can ask questions if they notice family member is not being treated right, or consistently show signs of bruising, abrasions, or cuts. Underreporting is typical with all kinds of abuse, and it is estimated that only 1 in 14 elder maltreatment cases are reported. Due to contributing aggravating circumstances the elderly have become subject to abuse within some nursing homes. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1. Significant policy developments during the past 20 years have focused on eliminating abuse. Elder abuse and neglect has plagued society for centuries but only recently has the issue come to the attention of health care providers, law enforcement agencies, and protective services. Armed with information and a better understanding about the issue, nurses can minimize the devastating effects of abuse on older adults and their families. However, a deficit in health care providers knowledge and clinical skill application remains. Elder abuse screening instruments are summarized by Fulmer. Although theoretical frameworks cannot explain all cases of elder maltreatment, they can provide a foundation for nurses to begin to understand the combination of factors responsible for the occurrence of elder abuse and initiate a holistic plan of care.