wellington college past papers

to 5-6 hours tutored revision per day to review the core areas of the syllabus in line with what the students request to cover. Gcse/igcse (higher tier only) Biology (Triple Award Chemistry (Triple Award Physics (Triple Award Combined/Double Award Science, English Language, Maths, History, Geography, French and Spanish. Had a very fulfilling week at Wellington, her marks doubled across the week and she feels better equipped to continue on with revision. Joe McKee, head of Senior School English Teacher. Hi, i am on the waitlist for wellington college.

Wellington college past papers
wellington college past papers

Michael Dunsmore, head of Senior Mathematics Mathematics Teacher. All subjects are organised and taught by a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, carefully selected from the very best schools in the country (including Wellington College). The discussion is called a Harkness session, I was given the choice of three topics, data privacy, the migrant crisis and climate change and I did the climate change Harkness, it was good, I am very used to non-interactive learning however I found myself enjoying. Head of Science Head of Biology.

Non-residential students arrive on Monday morning. One subject students will arrive and leave in accordance to the how to city a thesis AM or PM session they are booked for. Gcse 1 Subject Subjects for gcse, A Level and IB The below is subject to change depending on interest received, Wellington College reserves the right to make changes to subjects offered at any time and without prior notification. Residential and non-residential places are available (residential students arrive Sunday night and non-residential students arrive Monday morning. Madeline Lamour, hopetoun Housemaster (Senior School) Head of French. Ewan McCallum, head of Sixth Form History Teacher. This can include the removal of a course if required interested is not received. This has probably been one of the best trips of my life and I would really like to thank all the staff who made my stay so enjoyable. The IB course will cover students requirements for their final year of the. If you dont already have the below information please contact the students school and request it from them. Michael Brennan, wellesley Housemaster (Senior School) History Teacher. Danielle Hawkins, stanley Housemaster (Senior School) Geography Teacher.

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