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She kept pursuing her desire to become a nurse even though her parents opposed the idea. She valued each individual and taught her nurses not to judge their patients. The school was a success and her nurses were very much in demand. She started out by caring for sick animals and was soon caring for the servants in the household. Then he adequately shocks the reader by saying that Nightingale is possessed by a demon. Through full, rich diction and symbolic imagery, Lytton Strachey conveys to the reader a side of a woman that most people don't see. Strachey then shatters this view by stating But the truth was different, suggesting that the aforementioned view is deluded and the real woman is lost behind the glorious legends that have sprung up about her life. The selection of such words suggests that even Florence doubts her motives and her obsession with helping those in pain. Early Education and Travel.

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This was a four year project that required much time and effort. (Online) Available m, bull, Angela. Not many people were aware computerized inventory system thesis pdf of the appalling conditions the British soldiers were experiencing at that time. When Nightingale was at Scutari, she collected data and kept records of everything. This document was used by Nightingale to lobby for reform in the army. Sir Sidney Herbert, one of her friends from the War Office, asked her to assist in a hospital in the Crimean. Nightingale was a major influential force on nineteenth century society.

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