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one our earths very resources, should it be legal to have to purchase water at all? Google Scholar CrossRef Doria,.F. Hence, statements that indicate inclination towards drinking bottled water had the score reversed,.e., a 15 scale, from strongly disagree to strongly agree, corresponding to score 1. Equipped with rigorous water treatment processes, the average chloroform levels in Hong Kongs water was less than 50 mg/L, much lower than the upper limit of 300 mg/L set by WHO.

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Solid, liquid and gas are the states of water that exist in the environment. In 2000 there were five cases in New York where people were hospitalized after drinking bottled water that was somehow tainted, but the causes of illness were never identified for any of the cases. (-) Tap water is more regulated and safer than bottled water. Current Behavior Given that in all three regions the tap water is treated to meet drinking standards, and that filtered tap water facilities for drinking purposes (such as water dispensers or water fountains) are generally available in universities, the respondents were asked to choose between. ProductIdCR-106941 (accessed on 2 November 2017). Pepsi and Coca-Cola are two well known brand owners of flavored water but there are many others as well. Reusable bottles are inconvenient to carry around on a daily basis and easy to lose/forget. In his article Bottled Insanity Niman claims that the rage for imported bottled water is unnecessary.

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