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have by changing their life styles and not following in the steps of earlier generations. Among The women, Pakistani women have low prevalence of obesity and Bangladeshi women have high prevalence of obesity. It is the central hub for the cardiovascular system and acts as the transport system of the body, which performs via electrical conduction activity. Most patients of coronary artery disease experience angina and/or myocardial infarction, or possibly death. It took various steps such as training for the school cook by trained chef, encouraging the people to choose healthier food, a healthy eating theatre production, healthy laucnch packet session for parents etc. Risk Factors: Unbalanced diets that promote blood cholesterol levels. Coronary heart disease is a common term for the buildup of plaque in the hearts arteries that could lead to heart attack. TLC helps reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol and maintaining bahagi ng isang research paper a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25, which is considered to be normal. The electrical conduction system of the heart accounts for the beating of the heart allowing it to contract and act as the pump of the body (Burke., 1999).

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Among the other leading causes of death is diabetes, which is related to being obese (and therefore sedentary). It is much more common in older people and in males. First aid in the event of angina is to eliminate the factors that trigger an attack to calm a person down, stop the exercise. All Answers ltd, 'Pathophysiology Of Coronary Artery Disease Health And Social Care Essay' (m, October 2018) p?vref1 accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. They have always had an effect on each other, as diseases have affected those from lower classes differently from those from upper classes. Blood pressure is similar to the levels of the Europeans, in Gujarati Hindus and Pakistani Muslims. However, in the early stages of the disease patients may be concerned about a feeling of discomfort in their chest during exercise, which goes away after a short while.

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